As a parent, I find myself wondering at times what and what not should I listen to on the radio, or watch on TV around my children. It is, I am certain, something most parents ponder upon and question whether our choices on what material, be it visual, hearable or experimental, may or may not be appropriate for our children to be exposed to at any given age. Should we permit they watch this or that show? Should I allow them to listen to this or that song on the radio or YouTube? What should I censor and what not? The question is not even only about the foul language and what we (as society) consider adult content (i.e. sex, nudity, violence) alone, but also about the message that some of these channels of entertainment relay to their audiences; messages about materialism, drug consumption, alcohol abuse, shallowness, negativity and just pure nonsense.

Would all this be much easier to manage if the public content would be more appropriately censored against all material that intends to provoke a negative message? Would more strict censorship be an act against our freedom of speech and against our creative nature to flourish? Or would it be an act of mindfulness to the world?

I am not quite sure what the correct answer is, or if there is a correct answer at all. However, here are some things to consider in each of the case scenarios. We will start by exploring first our strict censorship pros.


  • No more worries for any parents or any adults or adults that may arise from not knowing whether given material may or may not be appropriate for their children to be exposed to. A worry-free environment for all!
  • No more frivolous and destructive messages related to our children via popular and public media outlets equals less mentally and emotionally damaged individuals, which equals a wiser and more enlightened society as a whole.
  • If you believe in the power of energy (which I do), not having negative and destructive messages spread throughout our universe, dimension, atmosphere, and all of our existence via visual and audible outlets and instead spread messages of love, kindness, patience, compassion, and all that is good, we would be a healthier and more advanced people.

I realize that to some people, some of this may sound a bit cookie, and possibly irrelevant and non-factual due to insufficient studies or concise proof. However, much of human psychology is just that, unproven, inconclusive, and theoretical, Same as are many scientific theories. Hence they are just theories. So what theories do you or I choose to believe in? Which one makes the most sense to you?

Let’s now see the cons.


  • The cons are basically uncertainties of the worst case scenario allowing the power of censorship into the wrong hands. If this were to happen, how could we trust that under an apparent joyful and drama-less world wouldn’t there be horror stories hiding? And if this were to happen how would anyone be able to bring it forth without violating the censorship? And what consequences would that entail?

But wait a minute. If we really think about it, we do live in this last scenario to a certain extent…only all that is negative and destructive seems to be promoted and encouraged.

In my utopian world, none of this would be an issue, for everyone is kind, loving, trusting, and of the utmost and outstanding character.

Still, we do not live in my utopian society…not yet (maybe soon). We remain but in a corrupt one, where good and evil coexist and until kind-heartedness and humanity prevail, we ought to assume ownership, take responsibility and take matters into our own hands.

I know, it is much easier said than done, like most difficult decisions, but it is possible. We can become ambassadors of love, compassion, kindness, and profoundness. We may choose to be conscious and mindful of what we expose ourselves and our loved ones to. We shall educate ourselves and our children on recognizing destructive material and censor ourselves from it, making room for constructive, revitalizing and meaningful data to saturate us and help us flourish. Let’s be mindful together and help our children do the same…with their precious minds and hearts, for only if we flourish ourselves we can inspire the same in others.


What is your take on this? Share with us your opinions and comments.





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