There are times in life when we believe we are wiser, smarter, better than we have been and even better than others. That we are in better positions and situations than other people, and of course all thanks to our merit, and our merit alone! We believe we have reached some kind of level of intelligence due to our life experiences. We feel great about ourselves because we made it. We believe we made it, whether in our personal, professional, financial or any other aspect of our lives. We are proud of ourselves for making it as far as we have from our humble beginnings. We are so caught up in our accomplishments that many of us at times, simply forget where we came from! And we forget to be grateful.

Many of the accomplishments we have achieved are certainly part of own hard work, ethics, determination, and compromises we had to make. However, how quickly do some of us forget how and who has helped us get to where we are (however small their contributions might have been). We forget that alone we can hardly ever accomplish much. We fail to remember and realize that much of our achievements were made possible because of a multitude of people that have helped us along the way one way or another. So this piece is for the parents that at times forget where they came from. For those that forget that long ago were children themselves. For the parents that forget that they brought life into this world and they owe this life (or lives)…something!

Still, we are all imperfect and have many flaws and more often than not we fall short of our duties and obligations to the ones we bring to life. Yet, when our younguns spread their wings and start making their own decisions and many “mistakes”, we become judgemental and quickly forget how flawed we have been and how many of our faults our children have endured.

We forget at some point in our lives we were young and we were judged. We forget we went against our elders’ and our parents’ wishes, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worst. This is for the parents that judge harshly because they forget how much they detested being judged in their youth. This is for the parents that forget that their children gave them hugs when they most needed them. For the parents that forget that their children gave them purpose and hope, loved them unconditionally and looked at them for guidance not ever seeing how imperfect their parents were.

Maybe You Should Remember


Maybe you should remember where you were years ago,
Maybe you should remember that you were never perfect.
Maybe you should consider you still have room to grow. 
Maybe you should consider your children do respect 
All you have done for them.
All you do now and you did then.
Maybe you should remember that they were there for you
In all your times of sadness and all you have gone through.
Maybe you should remember they were there to protect
When anyone dared show you a sign of disrespect.
Maybe you should remember all that you have done wrong.
Maybe you should remember who helped you stand up strong, 
Who hugged you tight at night, and stood right by your side.
And told you everything would one day be alright.
Maybe you should consider that although small in size,
And maybe not as wise,
Your children always were there to dry your sadden eyes
And give you an advice.
Maybe you should remember that through all your mistakes
They dared not criticized.
And they don’t want you to apologize.
They want you to understand 
That sometimes you are a bit hasty and misunderstand. 
Maybe you should consider how grateful you should be.
Maybe you should remember with much more frequency
That they’ve helped all their lives in ways you didn’t see.
Maybe you should consider they loved you and still do.
More than you give them credit, more than you ever knew.






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