There is absolutely no one I know that does not enjoy music and does not lose themselves in the intoxicating rhythms, melodies, tones and harmonies of a beautifully played instrument or a soft or strong, angelic, and passionate voice. If you do, let me know. I’d like to know this uncommon individual.

I have been extremely lucky in my life to have been exposed to a broad variety of music. I am from Romania, a European country that seems to have been so strategically placed and has had the honor to be culturally and musically influenced by so many peoples that have traveled through or settled from the North, South, East, and West. Growing up Indian music was widely popular in Romania. I have listened to Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Rap and Hip Hop, Disco, Dance, Techno, Beatbox, Classical.  It is all a beautiful art that touches the soul. There is music that doesn’t fit in any box and that may just be some of the most unique and amazing music one may ever come across.

In the last few years, I found myself being more and more selective of what I listen too, for I would love to listen to music with my small children. I want to be able to expose them to as many different varieties of music as possible but I have realized that the radio is not the adequate platform for that. However, YouTube aided me in this search and I did find a few artists that my children and I can enjoy listening to together. Growing up, my parents and grandparents listen to a lot of French music (one of my mom’s favorite was Mireille Mathieu – her voice is incredible – my mom even had her hair cut) and I, personally, love the language so I went on and searched for some current French artists that my children and I can “sing” to together.



In the search, I found so many gifted artists but stumbled upon two in particular that my kids love to dance to.

  • Stromae – his music is not only fun but creative and unique..and he can dance! This particular song conveys a message that is particularly important nowadays.



  • Alma – her voice is angelic and most her songs are love songs (happy or sad). This song has a happy feel to it and the kids and I can dance and twirl around the living room together pretending we can sing in French.



Tne next three on the list are from different parts of the US, and are all lyrically empowering, creative, political, inspiring, and motivational.

  • Rising Appalachia – what a fresh mix of folk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, afro inspired beats and Irish tunes. The group is composed of Lea and Chloe as the lead singers and instrumentalists (two sisters – MY long lost sisters), percussionist Biko Casini, and guitarist/bassist David Brown. I have followed them for a while and have seen them live as well. Their live performance is incredible! Their recorded music does not do them justice. If you enjoy live music, talented instrumentalists, a positive happy vibe and they happen to be in your area, I would definitely recommend you go watch them.



  • Mike Love – All I can say about this guy and his band is, WOW! Well, I can say more but really, this guy has so many skills and his lyrical content is astounding! I love his messages in every song. The percussionist Sam Ites is as talented. I have also seen them live and the good vibes just flow the entire time. It is a most infectious experience that grounds one. Cannot miss them if they are in your neck of the woods! They are a must see!



  • Last but not least Nahko and Medicine for the People – As they described themselves, they are a hip-hop, folk, jazz, tribal, native-based, earth-based, Spirit-inspired, “musical collective with the mission to motivate and inspire our global Tribe.” I could not put it in better words. As surprising as it may seem, I have also seen them live multiple times and it has never been enough. I will surely go again as soon as I get a chance too…so should YOU!

So get on and listen to some new music. Turn off the radio. Support the artists that are trying to use their platforms and talents to spread love, and messages of positivity. Music is therapy. Music is love. If you are an artist, begin doing the same. Too much has industrialized and commercial music focused on materialism, consumerism, shallowness, violence, and mistreatment of one’s peers. It is time to STOP. It is time to start a new era, an era of love, compassion, knowledge, and positivity!  So get on, sing on and dance on my people!




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