What to do on a date? We don’t really ask ourselves this question much lately, or to be more exact in about seven years plus now.

But today, was different.  It was Saturday afternoon on a Superbowl weekend and my beautiful children had the splendid idea to ask their auntie if they can go to her house and hang out with their cousin. My nephew and my children are practically inseparable. Where one goes, the other two go. So off they went.

Victor and I found ourselves with no children all of a sudden. We could not waste one moment. We gave each other THE look, dropped whatever we were doing and off we went to get ready. So now, what do on a date? It didn’t really matter. We were going to be adventures and come up with ideas on the fly. Victor and I would come up with some fun date ideas in the car. Before we had to pick up our babies, we only had a couple of hours of alone time, thus we had to move dates

As we started to drive we decided to head downtown. There is always something to do downtown, we thought. Sacramento is no San Francisco but it is growing and there isn’t usually a shortage of things to do on a date.

We arrived downtown, and to our surprise, the streets were pretty lonely and deserted. To our surprise, most restaurants were closed. The ones that were (the bar-and-grill types mostly) were packed to the street. People wearing their favorite football team jerseys were hooting and hollering, laughing and clapping and cheering on their teams. I have not followed football in years and neither has Victor so we decided to skip on those locals

Instead, we decide to walk around and maybe work up an appetite for later. While walking around engaging in the most random conversations, about the people who might be living in the buildings we walked by, about the businesses’ names glowing in the darkness of the night, and about how we would run and operate said businesses, we remembered we had some checks we had to deposit in the bank. What a great revelation this was (insert sarcasm right here)!!!!

Having been gifted with such fine and useful technology in this day in age, I pulled out my phone and GPSed ourselves to the nearest Bank of America ATM machine. We walked and talked, and talked and walked, and in many circles, we went. It seemed the earth had swallowed this darn ATM machine. Maybe a wizard with a really twisted sense of humor made it vanish. Perhaps he needed a laugh, or he just thought we needed the long walk. Whatever it might have been, we will never know, but after one hour of walking around in circles, we decided to let the wizard have this one. We had finally worked up an appetite!

things to do on a date

We walked back to the car and this time decided to drive to a nearby sushi restaurant. What a change of pace. Not so much literal, although that too. But for a change, we were having dinner and talking interrupted. If you have children I am certain you know exactly what I am talking about. No, “he’s bothering”, “Manu sit up!”, “Mommy, Maia is hitting me!”, “Maia stop playing and eat your food!”, “Can you two stop making a mess and just eat, please!”, and the list goes on…and on…and on, and it never ends!

We talked about the food and how delicious it was. We laughed at how predictable Victor is, always ordering the same rolls regardless what sushi restaurant we go to. And we day-dreamed and spoke about our new plans and adventures waiting for us.  I made fun of Victor’s paranoia when he smokes in public, and of course, we nostalgically spoke about our babies as if they were gone for days or weeks.

Victor and I love our alone time, however rarely it may come along. We have conversations without the constant interruptions. We get to hold hands, flirt, recharge our romance and remind each other why we fell in love with one another. It is quite nice. It is most definitely needed.

Yet, it never fails, we ALWAYS end up talking about our munchkins and miss them no matter how little time we spend apart from them, especially when we do things we know they would love partaking in. And every time, we rush back to them with joy and anticipation.

The sight of their faces as they light up and put on their biggest smiles when they see us is irreplaceable. Without fail, the instant they see us they charge towards us with their arms open and with their voices full of excitement they yell out: “Mommy!” “Daddy!”. And squeeze us and hug us so hard as if they hadn’t seen us in forever.

Balancing our romantic and parenting life is challenging at times, particularly for us. Daily life is full of responsibilities and ongoing tasks, but we take it all in and are grateful for every day we are alive. There are always those days that we can elope and Victor and I can have our fun dates. But when that does not happen, we wholeheartedly indulge in our family life that we are so fortunate to have and share with one another.

family life

So ultimately we went out to dinner on our date. We talked, we laughed, held hands and enjoyed each other’s company. What date ideas do you have? Share with us what things to do on a date?











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